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Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans - Up To $25,000 - Any Credit Welcome, Even Bankruptcy!
by Anonymous

September 23, 2004 -- For the last 3 years a small American company that few people have ever heard of has been quietly helping people with credit problems get bad credit loans for home purchases, home improvement, debt consolidation, new & used cars, medical & school expenses, and even vacations!

In fact, their exclusive service virtually guarantees you'll never be turned down for a loan again!

This company has spent several years establishing relationships with a huge network of experienced lenders who are willing to do business with all kinds of people, regardless of their credit status.

Because of this, they can now GUARANTEE ANYONE a bad credit loan of up to $25,000!

Here's how their service works...
People sign up for membership at the company's website and get immediate online access to their exclusive bad credit lender kit, credit repair kit, and do-it-yourself bankruptcy kit.

Here's a summary of what these kits provide:
Members receive access to a constantly updated directory of over 100 independent lenders and creditors who will give many different kinds of loans and credit cards to people with no credit, bad credit, or even a bankruptcy.

The listing includes:
·Over 80 little-known banks and companies that offer bad credit home loans, bad credit auto loans and bad credit personal loans to Americans with bad credit or even a bankruptcy. Many require absolutely no collateral and no co-signers, and home ownership is not required!
·Several little-known companies that offer Americans easy-qualifying bad credit signature loans, bad credit business loans, bad credit student loans, bad credit home equity loans, bad credit debt consolidation loans, and fast cash loans. Bankruptcies are welcome!
·Over 40 Canadian lenders and creditors who will give many different kinds of loans and credit cards to Canadians with no credit, bad credit, even bankruptcy.
·Over 100 UK banks and lenders for people with no credit, bad credit, even bankruptcy.
·Over 50 banks and companies that offer bad credit unsecured credit cards and merchant cards to people with good credit, no credit, bad credit, or even a bankruptcy, with no security deposit being required.
·Over 40 banks and companies that offer easy-qualifying bad credit secured credit cards with a minimal deposit.

Members of the website are also given online access to a unique and exclusive credit repair kit containing completely legal methods on how to remove negative marks from their credit reports, even if they are true.

The downloadable credit repair kit contains step-by-step instructions on:
·How to legally remove bad credit marks from your credit report.
·The latest, closely-guarded methods that attorneys are using every day.
·How to get charge-offs, bankruptcies and judgments taken off your credit report.
·How to increase your FICO score - the score lenders use to evaluate your creditworthiness.
·Little-known facts about repairing bad credit that you must know to avoid making common, costly mistakes.
·How to stop collectors from contacting you so you'll never be intimidated again.
·Pre-written credit repair letters that you can use to get maximum results when contacting your creditors or the bureaus.

Members also get access to a do-it-yourself bankruptcy kit. This kit is for people who have determined that they need a fresh start. Lawyers typically charge over $1,000 to help people file for bankruptcy. This kit will show you how to easily file on your own for a fraction of the cost, and how you can pay the filing costs in installments.

The do-it-yourself bankruptcy filing kit contains the following:
·All the printable forms needed to file bankruptcy in all 50 states.
·Detailed instructions and definitions for all forms being filed.
·What kinds of debts can be discharged and what kind cannot.
·Determining what chapter to file under.
·How to keep your property from being taken by creditors.
·Where to file and what to expect during filing.
·What the clerk's office can do for you.
·Questions that the court-appointed trustee will probably ask you.
·What will happen at your "creditors meeting".
·What to expect after filing and how long it takes.
·What to do if a creditor is trying to collect money after you have filed.
·How to file bankruptcy on your own and pay filing costs of only $200 or less, and how you can be set up to pay in installments.
·Little-known methods that will help you reestablish an "A" credit rating quickly after your bankruptcy has discharged.

Since its launch in 2001, thousands of people from the US, Canada and the UK have taken advantage of this service, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here are just a few of the success stories:
·A woman with very bad credit applied for a car loan on a Friday night and by Monday morning got her loan 100% financed and received a blank check for up to $20,000 for a new Hyundai Elantra 4-door GLS Sedan.
·A customer with very bad credit joined the program and was immediately accepted by a lending institution.
·A member immediately got a loan after having tried "a zillion" other websites.
·A Canadian man was immediately approved for a credit card and two days later got a loan.
·A member saw her FICO score increase by 200 points in 4 months.
·Another member reported that 3 charged-off accounts were removed from her credit report shortly after joining.
·A woman got almost all of her bad credit entries, including her bankruptcy, taken off her credit report within 6 months.

This service can only be accessed online and the company concerned charges a one-time fee of $29.95 for lifetime membership. As an added incentive, anyone who becomes a member receives a voucher for FREE HOTEL ACCOMMODATION at their choice of over 20 breathtaking destinations (over $600 value!).

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